What is Content Marketing?  A Live Keynote Speech by Adam Steinhardt

Are you wondering what is content marketing and how can it help your business? Are you looking to be more innovative with your sales and marketing strategies?

Tune into this live keynote presentation by Adam Steinhardt at the Australian Marketing Institute Innovation Summit. This keynote was filmed using Facebook Live, in Brisbane in front of a packed house of marketing professionals,  June 2nd 2016. 


Are you interested in finding out more about content marketing? To find the best way to create the future of sales and marketing for your business, it's best to discover the past. Adam looks back at the history of sales then explains why going to the pub is much like the modern day sales process.

Find out which social media platforms are worth trying. Discover why creating content will build trust and find out why everyone is a modern day salesperson.

This is a compeling 45 minute on stage keynote that was rated as one of the best of show, be the marketing professionals of Brisbane, Queensland.

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