How An Inbound Marketing Strategy Can Make a Beautiful Website


How many times have you as a consumer gone onto to a company's website and been underwhelmed by the experience? Too often.

If they are lucky, you may give them a chance and put up with their functional problems because the products they sell are great. Yet, you may not enjoy the experience as much as you could. It won’t send you racing back to buy more or making recommendations to your friends and family.

Your website needs to be easy-to-navigate and functional so that consumers enjoy the experience.

When this happens consumers spend more time on your website, therefore engaging with your brand. Excited customers spend more time discovering your products. Discovery leads to excitement, which leads to sales.


So how good is your website, really? Are you stuck in the dark ages? What do you give it out of 10? Are you too scared to look? Remember, mobile compatibility is super important, now with over 50% of websites viewed on mobile and Google marking sites down in search rankings for poor mobile presentation.

How does your site look on mobile?

Mid 2015, we confronted this issue and took a hatchet to our website and remade it. It was honestly a 4/10 and not good enough.

It was an interesting process, as it was the first time we built The Kingdom site with a true mobile and inbound marketing strategy.

The result for the desktop was brilliant. A cleaner, more focused site. By thinking small to deal with the phone, we created an easy-to-read look for the bigger desktop.

You can see how the new homepage looks here

By applying inbound marketing principles, we had a much better-defined strategy.

This replaced the concern about the pretty pictures and how it "cool" it looked - a hangover from our Advertising Agency heritage of 2009-2014.

However, beautiful still matters. This is a harsh, but true, reality. Your brand must shine all the time. Aesthetics plays a large role in determining how likable, and in turn how successful, a company or product is.


70% of people make purchasing decisions to solve problems. 30% make decisions to gain something.   [Source: Impact Communications]


It is important to remember businesses are similar to humans. When people see a business they think looks good, they feel energised to buy the product or service (think Apple, Uber, Virgin, Nike).

So maybe it’s time you gave your website a makeover, a rebirth.

The investment in inbound marketing and mobile technology will give your brand a huge boost of confidence, and new sales leads.

The great thing is you have the opportunity to rebuild your image and relationships with previously frustrated or unstimulated customers.

So get your company looking remarkable so it can start feeling good, to increase interest and excite customers about engaging with your brand once again.

If you would like to learn more about inbound marketing and how we can build you a gorgeous lead generating website, speak to The Kingdom today, or download our free e-book. 

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