The Secret Key of Facebook Marketing

On a recent flight home alone from overseas, I found myself chatting to the lady in the next seat.  We had the usual “where have you been on your travels….” and we got to the age old “what do you do for a job” question. I explained what I did, and where I had been - Inbound15.

My new friend was intrigued greatly by the notion of inbound marketing and how it works. It's always exciting to explain - for two reasons.

  1. It works and I can provide clients with stats and numbers  - Facts! Not just made up pie in the sky stuff.
  1. I love seeing people’s faces when they realise just how easy it is to do.

We moved on to social media and she asked me about Facebook - Did I know anything about it, and could I answer this question for her?  

“Why is that when I have been looking at certain online stores, when I cross to Facebook I get an Ad for that retailer on my side bar feed?”

Excellent question… Have you experienced this before?

Here is a pretty straightforward explanation as to what occurs…..

This is called audience remarketing using pixel tracking

Pixel tracking is where you place a Facebook tracking code on your website, then an Ad is created on Facebook using an audience you create of visitors who have been to your website.

It is a brilliant marketing method for retail and eCommerce businesses, an easy way to engage a shopper who has been to your site - possibly started a purchase but not completed the transaction.

It can be a bit tricky to deal with the Ad Manager on Facebook - so we are always happy to help, give us a call and we can give you some tips over the phone.

See you on the channels…..