Social Media Best Practices

img_1155_1024For most businesses in today’s digitally enhanced world, social media is an essential element to a successful marketing strategy. It’s how you interact with your customers, how you promote your product/service as well as your content.

For many, however, social media remains a daily challenge.

What do you post? When do you post it? How do you post for maximum effectiveness?

The list goes on and on.

At The Kingdom, our team of Adelaide social media experts embrace these challenges, overcoming them through these fantastic social media best practices.

Build Your Social Media Relevance

The first step to a successful post is relevance. Who are your target audience? What do they like to read or view online? Without knowing this, you won’t be able to create a post that gets awesome hits.

Do some research into your audience and find out everything you can. That way, when you post, you’ll be able to identify what content is relevant to your viewers. For example:


Posting a guide on creating the perfect floral centerpiece to a Facebook page about spear-fishing equipment.


Posting a guide on the best spear-fishing locations to a Facebook page about spear-fishing equipment.

Find the Best Time to Post to Social Media

Why post something at 5 pm when all your viewers come online at 8 pm? Half the battle of getting your post clicked by your target audience is putting it out where when they’re actually on their social channels.

Facebook allows you to see the peak posting times for you in your company page’s insights tab, however for other channels you’ll have to test and measure the best times for you. Unless, of course, if you have an Automated Marketing Software working for you which gives you access to these statistics.

Create Messages People Love to Read

Now that you’ve got your content in front of your viewers at the right time, it’s got to be interesting enough for them to click it. How do you do this? An impactful, interesting opening sentence!

Try creating mystery, or passion in your title.

This will grab your audience’s attention, enticing them to learn more about what this post is about.

That being said, it’s fantastic to have a wonderfully interesting post, but what’s the point if you don’t have a call-to-action? If you don’t have a link for people to click through to? After all, social media posts are all about the clicks, not the likes. For example:


Floral centerpieces for Christmas.


Do you want to wow your friends and family with a stunning floral arrangement this Christmas? Follow the link to see our 10 secrets to creating the perfect centerpiece...

Organically Increase Your Social Media Reach

As Adelaide content marketing specialists, we know how important it is to get your post to as wide an audience as possible to capture the interest of potential buyers. But how do you do it?

One way that proves quite effective is utilizing hashtags.

“But aren’t they just for Twitter?” Nope. They’re for Facebook and Google+ too, and they work. Do some homework and check out the most popular hashtags relevant to your industry, and include them in your posts.

This will put your message into the sight of viewers who are surfing around these hashtags, giving them the opportunity to connect with your brand.

The Shift to Visual Social Media

Posts with images attached to them perform far, far better than ones that don’t. Why is this?

We are visual by nature, and absorb information much quicker through visual methods.

More so, having an image makes your post stand out amongst a sea of text, grabbing the viewer's eye.

If you want to go a step or two beyond a simple image, try creating an infographic (which have a tendency to go viral) or a video. Then, sit back and watch the clicks and likes start rolling in.


Social media is a combination of both art and science. You have to try out a number of different tactics to see which works best for you, but with these best practices, you’ll put yourself in the best position to get real engagement and ROI on your social media investment.

Want to see how your social media efforts measure up? To see how you can improve? Our Adelaide social media experts would be happy to help you.

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