Should You Take Out a Mortgage For Your Web Site?


Yes, you should! 

A website is generally a dramatic process for a business as it requires a lot of information and detail, that encompasses your entire business. Everything is on or going to the web.

Your website IS your business.

Your website is the way the world sees you. Your website is your digital shopfront. Get it right and you will make continuous sales and have that mortgage paid off in no time! 

Would you design, construct and furnish your own house?

There is often a concern that website implementation is expensive and like all things – there are components and extras that will contribute to the overall cost.

Not unlike building a house, you can utilise a professional architect, or you can try and do it yourself – but the quality of a house is a result of the time spent, size of budget and attention to detail.

Like building a house, no one trade can do it all. Like building a house, do it without qualifications and experience and you will make an expensive mess. 

A great website requires the many trades working together.

Technology is constantly changing, your site needs to work on Mac and PC desktops, smartphones and tablets. This involves a vast amount of work.

What to consider in selecting a Web Site Building Company

  • Do they have the balance of copywriters, social media experts, creatives, code cutters, project managers and people that know how to sell?

  • Do they have loads of experience building sites?

  • Are they upfront with the challenges in building a site  (as there are many)

  • Do they understand how to get traffic to the site?

  • Do they appreciate measurement techniques?

  • Are they building the site on easy-to-access modern platforms?

  • The budget will blow out, have you prepared for this?

  • Are you ready to put in 4x more time and effort than you think?

There are simply too many different platforms and considerations to deal with to ensure compatibility in a busy mobile world, thus making all fantastic websites a time hungry process.

The Kingdom web site development team in Adelaide takes great delight that most customers end up loving their Kingdom website. Check out our portfolio. We minimise the risk by building WordPress websites, to make them as compatible as possible to the world. Plus we make your site a social media powerhouse. How does The Kingdom minimise the risk for you? If you are going to mortgage the house to invest in a powerful website, we make sure you are ready. We help you with a warts-and-all, 50-page pre-build survey. This document is bluntly honest in educating you in the challenges of building an awesome website. 

By taking the effort to complete the questionnaire, you are ready for the task. Get it right and that mortgage will soon be paid off and your business will be humming. 

Contact us today if you would like to have a meeting to discuss a possible new website.