Are You Falling Victim To "Delusional Marketing"

Is your business setting stretch growth targets that are just wishful thinking? Are you investing the right level of marketing resources to achieve the goals?


All enterprises want sales growth. Marketing and advertising are critical to economic expansion. Stretch targets are a great way to push your sales team, but are you taking them too far without investing in appropriate marketing resources?

As an inbound marketing agency, we see many businesses having the want for immediate and excessive sales results quickly, without any substantial investment. Is your marketing under-resourced?



It is a false economy. You can't expect to make significant output improvement without inputs? It defies economics and is "Delusional Marketing". So how do you get sales growth with minimal investment? Is it possible?

Smart marketing investment is the key. Additionally, creating marketing assets that are evergreen, rather than throwing money at expensive, wasteful above-the-line, shotgun advertising is necessary. Investing in systems like the automated sales and marketing software, HubSpot builds your marketing assets.

Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads   [Source: ANNUITAS Group]

Creating a lead nurturing and inbound marketing culture gives you a platform for stable growth.

Marketing in the digital era is difficult. It requires skill and experience. If your business is struggling to have an impact with their marketing, why not consider outsourced marketing to experts like The Kingdom?

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