Are Your Social Media Manners Letting You Down?


It's called social media for a reason. It's social, communication, conversation, banter, natter.

Allow me to pose a couple of questions to you:

If someone calls you and leaves a message, what do you do?

If you get an email from a friend or a customer, what do you do?

If a customer or friend comes over to visit (checks in), what do you do?

Hopefully, your answer is reply. Otherwise, you might want to look at your manners and customer service.

In the past, we have discussed that social media is important for business, but it is also important to watch it and "listen".  

Listening refers to the act of engaging and replying. There is little value in having social channels and just posting to them. You should always spend a part of your day liking and commenting on other people's posts as your business.


When you scroll through a comment feed people will see your business name, read your comment and get a vibe from what you are saying. We would advise steering clear of controversial comments. Compliments on the local cafe's lunch special, or the winery's image of glorious rolling hills are always a good idea.

So if a follower likes or comments on one of your posts - you should definitely reply. Use their name, tag them, delete their surname and thank them for their comment. That person took the time to comment on your post - how cool.

On Instagram, replying to a comment is a great opportunity to suggest they like your Pinterest boards - or your Facebook page as well.

People engage with brands and businesses, it is a way to feel connected. It's common courtesy really.

The more comments on a post will also help you with the crazy Facebook algorithm - lots of comments on a post show that it is popular.

So keep it social people, reply to comments, interact, show excellent customer service.