How do you measure ROI on social media?


An effective social media strategy is hugely important to a business’s success. It’s how you promote your content, and it gives you the ability to reach your consumers in a more informal, friendly setting.

However, with an abundance of social channels to use, keeping track of everything can be a little tricky. Passwords flying here and there, each platform has its own little quirks and methods of analysis, not to mention the constantly changing algorithms affecting the way we can reach our audience.

With all this and more to keep track of, it’s easy to get a bit lost or overwhelmed.

The biggest issue with all this is that when it comes time to present your findings to the bean-counters of your business, it can be hard to get the concrete analytics on the results you need to argue your case.

How can you show ROI on social media?

At The Kingdom, we work with an incredibly powerful platform called HubSpot. This automated marketing platform brings together all aspects of marketing into one, easy to use platform. That's right - no more trying to remember a million different passwords. No more sheepishly asking your IT specialist to reset your password for the hundredth time this week.

One login, one platform, one incredible piece of software.

HubSpot has remarkable social publishing tools

The greatest part of the HubSpot platform, as a social media specialist, is the social media tools made available to you. You can publish, monitor and interact on all of your accounts, as well as schedule well into the future.

But wait, it gets better.

Attached to the social media section of HubSpot is the social media reporting tool. This is an incredibly powerful, and useful, feature for a number of reasons. This tool gives you hard, reliable numbers and statistics on your social media posts such as:

  • Comparing the performance of the individual platforms
  • Comparing the performance of the individual channels
  • Analysing the success of social media posts associated with your campaigns
  • Analysing your reach


Eye-opening analytics

My favourite part of this reporting tool is that it tells you what your most successful post was in terms of engagement, giving you the ability to reassess what you publish to get a higher success rate. It also keeps track of your net fans and followers, as well as how many clicks came through to your website from your social media efforts.

With this HubSpot tool, you are flung into a golden age of social media, where everything is trackable and nothing is a mystery. How incredible is that!

For those who struggle with their social media campaigns and efforts, don’t worry - help is at hand. To help you out, our social media experts are offering a free social media audit of your business, identifying what’s working...and what’s not. We can help you to get back on track. If this sounds like something you are interested in, sign up for a free social media audit,.

Otherwise, I’ll see you on the channels.