What is the Benefit of a Creative Brief for an Ad Agency?

creativebrief-562884-editedThe Creative Brief is how you tell us what you want. 

The goal of this stage is to obtain a deep understanding of your project. This is achieved through detailed research, competitive reviews, workshops and interviews with key stakeholders.

‘The Discovery’ will capture the essence of the brand, including personality, positioning and values, which all contribute to the development of The Kingdom Creative Brief.

The main elements of The Kingdom Creative Brief include:


Target Audience




New Technologies

Mandatory Elements Deliverables

Timeline Development


The benefits of a Creative Brief are:

- Provide details of why the job is being done.

- Discover who they are and describe them in detail.

- Learn about their perceptions and attitudes of you in general.

- Identifying the main reason behind the campaign and how is its success going to be measured or understood. 

- Discovering the single most important promise you wish to communicate about your brand.

- We learn how your new campaign elements are going to integrate with your existing assets.

- How do digital practices fit into the plan? We investigate new innovative possibilities.

- We audit important brand assets such as logos, tagline, disclaimers etc.

- What items are we producing?

- We investigate milestones and key dates to ensure exact delivery.

- We manage budget expectations, ensuring maximum quality and effectiveness.

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