The 3 Best Business Tips from Star Wars


I know what most of you must be thinking.

What can Darth Vader possibly know about brand likeability? Everyone hates The Empire.

This may be true, but we're sure that countless encounters with the disgruntled citizens of the universe has taught him some key aspects to brand likeability through reverse tutelage.

From Sith Lords to Bounty Hunters, you will win the respect and good opinion of your target audience if you do these 3 things.  

Have a great customer experience

The Death Star doesn’t really shine in world-class customer service. At best, you come in, give them what they want and then leave. At worst….well. I’m sure you can use your imagination.

Giving your consumers a personal and positive customer service experience is very powerful in getting people to like your brand. More than this, it will encourage them to promote you to people they know - building your consumer base

Besides, if you throw too many people into the trash compactor they’ll sick the Jedi’s on you, which you should avoid if it all possible.

Build the trust

Engagement with your brand doesn’t start and finish with the purchase.
70% of all information about a product is done online before a salesperson is even involved - that’s a long time spent on investigating brands and building trust.
While you can use The Force to influence the buying behaviors, it takes far too much time. What’s better is to use content marketing to access your consumers early, building the trust while they ready themselves for a purchase.
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Give your consumers value

Giving your consumers value through content marketing is a sure-fire way to increase your brand likeability.
What questions do they have about your business, market or product? Find out what they are and then answer them. It will make them happier than an Ewok in the forest.  To uncover more about the secrets of content marketing, click here.

Don’t underestimate the power and importance of brand likeability - it has been the downfall for many businesses and empires.

But, if you commit to building the customer experience, building the trust and providing value, you will find yourself with a very likeable brand indeed, no Jedi mind tricks required.