How To Become A Content Marketing Super Hero

In this interesting paradox on content marketing, we review Superman vs Clark Kent, mano v mano, in a sales battle to the death.

So who wins? Journalist or Man of Steel Sales Superhero? Allow us to introduce the contenders.

Clark Kent

A mild-mannered reporter. The Daily Planet is extinct - taken out by the digital revolution and all the journalists have been fired, but Clark can still write. A trained copywriter, he writes 500 pages on his website using a dedicated content marketing strategy.  


A total gun salesperson. Superman has been at it for years. Loves his cell phone and got a basic website done a few years ago. He has a few pages on it, it’s more like a digital business card.
Superman is a cold calling wiz, having earned his tights getting calls from people who found him in the yellow pages, but the calls dropped off and now he is looking for leads as a bulletproof sales person. Superman can't get through anymore, as people are too busy to take his cold call. 

It’s Superman Vs Clark Kent, we rate who wins, in the most important marketing skill:

Getting Attention from Customers 

Superman is great at being all flashy and stylish. He is probably an ambassador for a progressive men's lycra sportswear brand like Lorna John. You know who he is, but he can be a bit annoying as he interrupts your daily walk down the street touch driving your iPhone bumper car. The whole Man of Steel thing gets a bit boring whilst your are distracted watching the latest 4 episodes of Game of Thrones on YouTube, or listening to Spotify.

Clark Kent is a fully trained ex-newspaper reporter. He took the time to research his marketplace and work out the answers to the questions they might have. He has developed an inbound marketing strategy and is sticking to his creative process. Using the Hubspot Inbound Marketing platform, Clark is able to write lots of fantastic articles that inform customers.

Customers find Clarks' wisdom using Google, and they think he is an interesting and helpful chap. They then download his E-Book to discover more about the solution that he offers. They like being educated.
Clark answers all the questions of his customers through the web. Customers searching for the solutions to their problems on the web find Clarks advice and start feeling like the can trust him. 

Ratings: Clarks has offered the most value for his customers, and developed a great bond of trust between them. He is getting clicks on his website and customers are seeking and finding his wisdom through Google. Superman is having trouble getting traction as people are too busy to take his call. Clark Kent wins it, 9/10 vs 3/10