Episode 47 - 9 Months of Great HubSpot Features




Welcome back to HubnSpoke Episode 47.

After a leave of absence, Adam Steinhardt and Zaahn Johnson return to the HubnSpoke podcast talking about the HubSpot Facebook Ads Add-on.


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Facebook ads are very much a part of every day digital marketing life. The power of Facebook grows and grows; now the Audience tool makes a substantial difference.

HubSpot Syncs automatically with the Facebook Ads. Social media expert Zaahn Johnson gives her vote, thumbs up or thumbs down on if the HubSpot Ads add-on is worth it.

We discuss the reporting dashboards. Are you looking for reporting tools for HubSpot? The versatile new reporting tool can be quickly added to dashboards and used for email reports.

Adam is excited about the future of the HubSpot Website Building tools, formerly the HubSpot COS.

Find out more about the power of Lists, plus some helpful tips for businesses that are running more significant HubSpot portals.

Zaahn has a brilliant tip on how to use forms to help your sales team. Discover more...