Episode 51 - Integration of HubSpot with Facebooks' New Paid App

Discovering Facebook Workplace

Adam Steinhardt and Zaahn Johnson talk about the Facebook Workplace connection with HubSpot.

A look at the home page of a website and investigated the Calls To Action on the page. We examined the webpage information.

Are you making assumptions about your marketing? The Optimization tool allows you to determine which CTAs are working. Do you have enough CTA on your website? Are you tracking the activity of your customers? Look at the Optimization in HubSpot and discover.

New Call-to-action

To get the most out of your personas, why not role-play the way your persona would approach your website? By doing this, you are better able to investigate and appreciate your website experience from the users perspective.

#GirlBoss, social media expert Zaahn Johnson reached out to other Girl Bosses around the HubSpot world. Nicole Pereira from San Diego, the co-founder, and CMO of Chief Martech Officer. Nicole had the great idea of a visual journey builder to show how people move through a campaign. 

Stuff that makes your day.

Does your business have a digital style guide? Make sure you have your web colors, web fonts, email fonts, hashtags stored in your digital style guide.

As websites get bigger, they need to have consistency. A digital style guide keeps your organization on the same page.

How Inbound Marketing Works