Episode 4 - HubSpot v WordPress

Is HubSpot better than WordPress? Which is more efficient for your business?

Analysis of HubSpot V WordPress

Is HubSpot better than WordPress? WordPress is a great blogging tool that makes it usually customer's first choice. It has many fantastic templates available and is free, but can be easily hacked due to this. HubSpot is easy to use, understand and update your content accordingly. Everyone is able to use it and create a website which will give you statistics on your customer base, and whether your content is generating leads. HubSpot is great with being honest, and this builds trust with their customers

If you conduct a google search on HubSpot v WordPress, you will find many comparison articles. One of the big five to have on your website is X v Y comparison search. 

How does a WordPress website work with HubSpot?

Once users see the benefits of HubSpot they eventually switch from WordPress. If you currently have a Wordpress website in place you would have great content already, and HubSpot makes the most of that content. If you haven't, stick to 1 platform. With 1 integrated program and 1 password login, HubSpot is a secure service.

Through HubSpot, The Kingdom is able to have multiple blogs. It is also extremely easy to update the website. Creating and applying CTA's, landing pages and forms are also easy as they are built into HubSpot. In comparison, Wordpress needs plug-ins for these things to work, and it is one big blog effectively. 

SMART content shows different content based on the lifecycle stage of your customers. Suggestions of what to show your customers next who are currently online. The Kingdom has multiple different blogs in order to focus on the niche market of clients.

Resources of the Week

A free eBook made up of 38 pages entirely of sample emails for marketing sales. It contains great ideas for new content for emails to send to your prospects.

Go to HubSpot.com and in the top right-hand corner you will see a mortarboard hat. Under this heading, select the marketing library and search through the library. Subscribe to the HubSpot blog to receive their emails each week.

If I Were in Charge of HubSpot, I Would Change...

Adam loves the workflows, but would create visual representations of the workflows for those who don't code. Or perhaps text-based representation, like lines of code, for the ability to debug and view the context of the script.

 Is HubSpot Better Than WordPress Free 61 Page E-Book

Inbound 2016

The Inbound 2016 conference, which Adam Steinhardt and Zaahn Johnson will be attending on 8th November 2016, has 14,500 people attending. If you are also attending, Adam is on the sales track on Wednesday November 9th at 4:15pm.


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