Episode 38 - The 3 Must-Have Web Pages to Drive Organic Traffic




Today we discuss three important and oft-forgotten web pages your website must have but probably does not. These are the three most important pages to drive valuable organic web SEO traffic.

After years of being a leading advertising agency and award-winning inbound marketing agency, The Kingdom team have seen plenty of websites. We have created website pages using Wordpress, and HubSpot. 

In doing our free inbound marketing assessments, we often dig deep into the effectiveness of a website's sales-making ability.

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Some sites are excellent at lead generation, but most are missing the search engine optimisation mark altogether.

Are you wondering how you can improve your website and assist your prospects in coming down the inbound sales funnel?

66% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority.

(HubSpot, 2016) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)

Are you concerned that your digital marketing needs to be better as your traditional marketing falls away?

Inbound marketing expert and CEO, Adam Steinhardt and Social Media expert Zaahn Johnson, discuss these must-have pages to get more clicks:

  • Price
  • Team Pages
  • Company reviews

Do you have this in your content marketing solutions? Does your website answer these critical inbound sales creating questions?

B2B researchers do 12 searches on average prior to engaging on a specific brand's site.

(Google, 2014) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)

These pages are essential to helping your prospects trust you, and getting website conversions.

The Kingdom team, fresh from their time in San Diego, talk up some powerful changes to Facebook as well as discovering A/B testing is super important.

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