Episode 50 - Special Guest HubCast Star, George B Thomas

In this week's special edition, we welcome the veteran of no less than 172 HubCast podcasts, George B Thomas.

We are delighted to have George on the show to discuss his latest move from Impact to Impulse, both major Diamond HubSpot partners in the United States.

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In this episode, George talks about the highlights of four years doing the HubCast, as well as how 19 HubSpot certifications have impacted his professional career. George is a HubSpot expert that bleeds orange. Zaahn Johnson and Adam Steinhardt were delighted to discover his stories.

An accredited HubSpot trainer George has consulted to HubSpot customers globally. We discover his adventures as being a polished professional speaker, plus we find out the secrets behind his remarkable show notes.

Discover this charming interview and get a terrific insight into the world of George B Thomas and the HubCast.