The Kingdom digital marketing experts and HubSpot Platinum partners dig into the sales CRM benefits of reporting dashboards that allow you to create a competitive environment for your sales team.

HubSpot success is determined by how well you train sales teams. Successful sales conversion means the platform investment is justifiable. No matter how successful the marketing department is, if the sales teams are not closing deals, then HubSpot will fail.

The Kingdom digital marketing team estimate that it takes up to 10 hours of training for sales teams to appreciate and understand the HubSpot CRM.

Zaahn Johnson discusses the desire to have a like button that allows you to acknowledge a note or transaction in the HubSpot Activity Timeline.

We discuss the benefits of having the HubSpot API library extend to email creation as well as announcing the big reveal of what we were doing in our nine-month break, coming up in Episode 50, just two weeks away.