Ep 21 - Featuring the New HubSpot Facebook Ads Manager




Welcome back to HubnSpoke, CEO Adam Steinhardt and social media wizard Zaahn Johnson are kicking off 2017 with plenty of engaging automated sales and marketing conversations.

In this episode, we deep dive into the brand new releases from HubSpot over the Christmas break. The HubSpot Marketing tool has had an overhaul, which we discuss.

Adam spent his holidays travelling to Las Vegas for the massive CES show and reports back on what he is liking in the world of electronics, science and commerce.

If you are looking for more flexibility with your HubSpot list tool, we discover the changes and how it affects you.

Zaahn Johnson as a social media expert is super excited about the formal launch of the HubSpot Facebook Ads integration.

The HubSpot projects and CRM Pipelines come under the microscope as we investigate the best way for teams to use the HubSpot tool.

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