What Is The Benefit Of A Unique Hashtag For Your Next Event?

If you are running an event or own a retail business of any form, then you simply must have a hashtag to allow your community to engage. How do you know if a hashtag will help your business? The hashtag is a super powerful way to use social media to promote your enterprise, in particular if you are doing event management it is a vital requirement. 

As an event manager, If you are running an event it's a must-have. A hashtag allows your community to follow and communicate with each other. Even if you don't understand hashtags, it's still really important that you create one and promote it for your restaurant, retail store or event. 

Pretty much any business can benefit from this powerful communication tool.

Hashtags are not just about Twitter, they are used in Instagram, Facebook and Google +

Find out how to get working with hashtags, in this live video by Social Media Expert, Zaahn Johnson and Adam Steinhardt.

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