The Kingdom Live: How to get more leads and make sales using the Internet

How do you get more sales and leads from the internet?

Today we discuss how you can get more sales and leads from the internet. Adam Steinhardt and Zaahn Johnson talk about 4 tools that you can use to improve your sales. Sales has changed, with the old fashioned tools no longer working. Cold calling is dead. Nobody likes doing it and nobody likes getting calls, so why do businesses continue to do it?


We investigate how Twitter can help your fire up your leads, the benefits of content marketing, how to use inbound marketing to get deals and our app of the day.

Todays App of the Day is the HubSpot Sales, CRM. It is free, very sexy and powerful for making sales and convertingleads. 

If you would like a demo of the Sales CRM, we offer a free webinar to get you started.

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