The Secret to Snapchat's Success


As an Adelaide social media expert I love social media. However, today I am here to admit that I am not on Snapchat - it honestly makes no sense to me. I am already down with my other social media channels, so why do I need Snapchat? A few days ago it popped on my Twitter news feed that Kylie Jenner is the number 1 viewed person on Snapchat. To me that’s crazy, there is another way to Keep up with the Kardashians.

It got me thinking to why Snapchat is so popular, it's not just celebrities that are on it, but popular American TV shows like “Goodmorning America” (username: GMA) and “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” (username: FallonTonight), even American sport teams are on it such as The New York Jets (username:  OfficalNYJets).  

The best way I can describe Snapchat, if Instagram and Twitter had a love child, but during the relationship Twitter was having an affair with Periscope.

Snapchat is an application, that users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients.

Snapchat shares all the amazing features I love from my favourite social media platforms, the instant of Twitter, and sharing the behind the scenes with photos and video, just like Instagram and Periscope.

The benefit of Snapchat is each photo/video only last for 10 seconds once it’s open, then it's gone  forever, unless your sneaky friends screenshot your ugly selfie - #awkward.

Another amazing feature of Snapchat is “story”. This where users can add photos/video to their story and it can be seen by their whole contract list and it last for 24 hours (unless screenshots have been taken by your friends). This is the feature that the celebrities used to connect with their fans.  

8 Celebrities you need to be following on Snapchat right now:

  1. Kylie Jenner (username: KylizzleMyNizzl)

  2. Miley Cryus (username:  MileyCyrus)

  3. Rihanna (username: Rihanna)

  4. Blake Lively (username: LivelyBK)

  5. Cody Simposon (username: AussieMuso)

  6. Jared Leto (username: JaredLeto)

  7. Hailee Steinfeld (username: haiz)

  8. Selena Gomez (username: SelenaGomez)


Since gaining more knowledge about Snapchat, I understand now from a celebrity angle to why they use it. By following a celebrity on snapchat we can get an inside view to their life as a celebrity, as they can share with their fans quick videos and images of what they are up to. In Kylie’s case we are receiving a behind the screens of the Kardashian when the cameras are off.