14 Secrets Ways Email Marketing is Powerful for your business.


The power of your email database HUGE.

This is the platform that you own. The only platform that you really control. So how can you use social media to drive people to your email database at this moment, securing them forever?

Here are some really clever tips to significantly grow your email database.

Email marketing has been around for almost 20 years now. Are you taking full advantage of its power?  

Here are some helpful tips to get your email firing via social media.

Make sure that you include a link with every single post that you put on social media. The email link is the key.

We are finding that many social media platforms, in particular Facebook, are driving traffic to links without necessarily being liked. The like count does not reflect the click count.

Have the link send people to the landing page with a call-to-action.

The landing page should have a form, and the form should harvest the email addresses for you. The HubSpot automated marketing platform allows you to automatically build your list and grow this from these entry forms. It even remembers return visitors from the last time they were on your site!

HubSpot workflows let you decide which segmented list you are going to email.

The quality of your content will result in determining your frequency of how often you can send your email.

Be informative, educational and they will enjoy it.

If people like what you are talking about, then they will accept your information more often. 

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