Six Ways To Get Your Sales Team to Work Faster With CRM Technology

Customer Relationship Management software can be super powerful, but often it is met with resistance and a lack of uptake by team members. We give you six proven methods to fire up the team and get the most out of your CRM.

Drill them like they are hitting a Roger Federer backhand

It's one thing to train your team on software, but better to drill them over and over so that they are masters at it.

Roger Federer has hit millions of backhands, which makes him amazing when it matters. Treat your CRM training in the same way.

At your next break out training, dedicate a day to drilling the core features, not just 10 minutes. Break your crew into teams, run some training scripts, and then make a match out of it. Race each other, get competitive at the same time as getting comfortable with the software.

Build scoreboards and reporting dashboards 

Great sales people love competition. The fastest way to get the team buying into the software is seeing their name in lights, or coping with coming dead last. Why not send regular reporting emails on simple things like emails harvested, quotes sent, calls made, etc?

Educate the sales team so they understand

Talk about the benefit of the data and why it can make them more sales. A great, well run CRM makes sales teams more efficient. Explain how a CRM helps if somebody is away on vacation and a team member closes a sale. Talk up the benefit of understanding the back story to the customer's buying journey. 


Provide time to make it work

Allocate time to the busy day of a sales person to sit and get their CRM up to date. If the pressure is on to fill every single minute of their time closing deals, then the admin gets left behind, and the CRM suffers. 

Go mobile

Make sure you CRM allows for mobile entry. It's all done in the cloud and mobile these days. Mobile means your sales team can be entering while enjoying coffee, waiting for lunch, or boarding a plane.

The more access opportunities, the greater the data entry. 

Get off spreadsheets

Excel is a tool that's overused. It's a great spreadsheet tool, but it is not a very good CRM. Dedicated CRM's are valuable and important software that are abundant in the cloud, and they leave Excel for dead.

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