How do you score on our 30 second website worthiness test?

Is your website a digital business card no different from another boring entry in the white pages? Is your website to the web what Betty Draper is to Motherhood? Take this super quick nine-point test to determine if your website is nothing more than a digital business card or if it is an explosive, sales making machine.

Take this test of your website's worthiness to the world

  • Is your website correctly providing the answers to search engines? Google's customers want answers and Google's spiders deliver them in milliseconds. 
  • Does your website correctly answer your customers questions?
  • Are you providing the information that your customers need to trust you?
  • Customers are using the Internet to research just about every single thing that is traded as a good or service in the world today.
  • Are you providing your customers with all the information that they need to make a decision about your business?
  • Do you know if your customers are on your website? Do you know what pages they are looking at?

We spoke with The Kingdom inbound marketing experts to discover the key questions your website needs to address.

Take our nine stage test to determine if your website is nothing more than a digital business card or a dynamic sales machine.

  1. Are you updating and adding to your content a minimum of 1-2 hours a day
  2. Does your website have a blog that has at least a weekly blog post?
  3. Does your website provide information about your pricing?
  4. Does your website make it easy to sign up to your email list?
  5. Do you attract website interaction with gripping calls to action?
  6. Is your content boring or entertaining? Would you read your content?
  7. Does your website pay attention to solving the problems of your customers or does it just talk about you all the time?
  8. Is your website interesting? Providing gorgeous creative that stands out from the crowd? How are you different?
  9. Are you making it easy for customers to find out information about you? Its your phone number, your address, location, your staff members, your product range, the services you offer and all the related questions?

And the big one, does your website work on mobile devices? Google is currently smashing you for six if not. You are being marked down. Time to get modern.

So, how did you score?  

Ten out of ten, well done. You are on fire and well on the way to big sales.

Anything less that 7 and you have a serious problem competing in the global internet economy. You are leaving yourself exposed to up and coming dynamic competitors.

Your website is the doorway to the internet world. Make sure you have it working for you. 

So how do you fix it?

A dedicated Inbound marketing program can fix many of your problems. Content marketing boosts your Google search engine ranking by providing intelligent, appropriate keywords for its indexing engines.

Here are 8 ideas you can steal from our record website growth since moving to a content marketing strategy.

A responsive website design is critical in today's digital era. You must get this fixed if you wish to play in the e-commerce world.

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Blogging is a great way to tell the story about your business. Our social media experts are blogging on a regular basis, boosting SEO daily. We love the power of Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Instagram to distribute the message of your blog. HubSpot does all this and is an awesome tool to make your website boom. 

Our social media expert Zaahn Johnson loves using the HubSpot platform.

HubSpot is the all in one power tool to manage your website, blogging, email marketing, CRM and importantly generate juicy leads using lead scoring and lead nurturing. -  Zaahn.

HubSpot is the ultimate inbound content marketing web publishing tool.

The HubSpot automated marketing program is a perfect tool to get all these digital elements working for you.

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