5 Quick Ways To Bust Fatigue And Resurrect The Entrepreneur In You


Entrepreneurs start their business and hang their shingle out on the wall in the hope to make sales. Unless you're one of the very few that invent an industry, all of us are up against competition that already exists.

So what makes you different? Marketing. It's how you tell the world how you're better, newly improved, the number one, the one, the only. 
Despite this, we so often see businesses scared to market - deterred by the upfront cost. Fearing having a go.

Are you viewing marketing as an expense when really it is an investment in your competitive standing?

As expert marketing consultants, we regularly see this happening to businesses that are established and to owners that have been battling the world for 10 plus years.

It can be easy to fall into a rut, doing the same old thing. Being flat and unadventurous is a dangerous place to be, as it exposes you to new competitors.

So here are five ways to recharge your entrepreneurial spirit.

Start typing a blog

All businesses need one to boost their search engine marketing efforts. But don't delegate it, write it yourself. Tell the world your experiences. Use your blog as a platform to release frustrations that have everyday business owners throw up.

Be found on the internet by making sure your blog is full of keywords.

Do it so you can tell your story to reminded the world as to why you are better than your opposition.

Listen to a new Podcast

Podcasting has an incredible variety of dynamic and exciting content at your fingertips. Discover a fired-up, enthusiastic production and go for it. Get invigorated by the new generations. By boosting your knowledge, you are ready new bucks trying to take your market share with new ideas. We love Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion, and a quick daily feed from Joe Pulizzi, Content Inc

Go overseas to a Conference

The USA has a conference circuit that pretty much has a massive conference on every week. Get over there, meet new people, discover new ideas, energise.

Run your own Seminar

Fire up the A-List of your customers. Get people in a room and remind them how great you are. The staff will love seeing you on stage and discover there is life in the old dog.

Learn one new social media channel every month for six months

There are plenty out there to learn, so give it a crack. Download the videos from anywhere on the internet, and then sit back and have a go.

Do it for no other reason that your kids will think you are weirder than ever but secretly respect you more.

It's important as a business owner to recharge your enthusiasm for what you do, so you can meet the challenges of the modern day market head on.