You Don't Know What You Don't Know, So Who is Going to Teach You?

You don't know what you don't know, so who is going to teach you?

Marketing and technology are merging at a ferocious pace, which makes it harder than ever to get your business message out.

It used to be easy. In the old days, you could buy radio, television and print advertising. You trusted the media sales rep, saw what you got on the medium, and hoped you would make sales. Call it pay and pray.

When these mediums were exclusive channels to your market, chances were high that you could get a reasonable return.

These days it has changed. The internet and the mobile phone mean that choice is abundant and the digital world rules the roost. Even if people are watching TV, they are doing it with a phone in hand. If they are reading newspapers, it's a flick through at best. With the phone in the car, do commercials on radio stations even get a look in?

54% of consumers believe that it is easier to find information on mobile-optimized sites. (ExactTarget, 2014 Mobile Behavior Report)

Digital marketing means technology, and technology means the world of super geeks.

There's a fast changing, 24/7 marketing (r)evolution going on all day, everyday, globally.

Technology has taken over marketing, which means, to get in front of your market, you need to harness and understand digital marketing and use it to your advantage.

But where do you start?

Social media is a skill, web design is a challenge, blogging, content marketing, digital remarketing, inbound, outbound, CRM, CMS, PHP and every other thing in between present ever growing challenges to the modern marketing manager or business owner.

It's a busy world of evolution. Take a quick quiz to see where you stand...

Is it okay to stick your head in the sand?

Yes, but you better have a good outsourced marketing consulting firm to assist.

Is it okay to ignore the digital revolution?

Yes, but you better have a big budget, a well-established brand and a product that is in monopoly.

Is it okay to sit on your laurels about what you know, without understanding more about the tech revolution?

Yes, if you are within 1-2 years of retirement.

Technology and marketing merging is not going away, they are becoming one. 

If you answer no to any of the above, then you have recognised the need to enhance your understanding of digital marketing. But where do you start? 

Here are five free tools to help you understand more.

1) The Sales Lion - Marcus Sheridan - Website

Marcus Sheridan is a market leader in getting businesses to focus on their customers and their clients problems. The Sales Lion website is a cracking website filled with fantastic ideas on marketing, all free. He is a market leader in content marketing, and an extraordinary public speaker. So much to learn here.

2) Content Inc - Joe Pullizi - Podcast

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A fast 5-minute podcast everyday that is not just about great content creation, which it is, but also clear ideas on how to improve your business. Perfect for that last 5-minutes of the commute.

3) The HubSpot Academy

View here. 

This is one remarkable resource by the inbound marketing giants. The HubSpot resources are significant, wide-ranging and free. Everything is here. Incredible.

4) Pinterest Marketing boards

There are so many fantastic ideas from Pinterest boards that can help you with the Mar-Tech revolution. Check out these and enhance your digital marketing horizons.

5) Social Media Examiner

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With over 400,000 subscribers, this is the foundation publication to help you understand the social media revolution. It's engaging, curious to say the least, informative and convincing. A must read.

Knowledge is power, and you can get it all for free. We can help too. The Kingdom is running free seminars all over Australia to help bring you, and your business, up to speed. 

In our free 2 hour session, you will learn:

  • How inbound marketing creates leads.
  • How to focus on your business goals and convert them to web leads.
  • How to get found faster on Google with free organic search.
  • The best way to supercharge your online marketing with social media.
  • What low-cost cloud based software apps you should be using to fire up your marketing.

This session is suitable for Marketing Managers, Cheif Marketing Officers and Business Owners looking to get a competitive advantage. 

We are holding them all over Australia, with Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne dates locked in.

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