Why We Love Reddit (and You Should, Too!)

In the digital world we live in, it seems as though there’s a different “hot” social media site popping up every day. It can be difficult to keep up with it all - but don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.

Recently, we've been testing out a channel called Reddit - and we're loving the results. 

What is Reddit?

Reddit likes to refer to itself as the “front page of the internet” - and we tend to agree.

World events, cats scooting around on vacuums, hilarious comics, politics, you can find all this and more on this incredible site.

On Reddit, everybody has the opportunity to post content for all to see - and what’s even better is that it’s all based off of votes. When browsing on this channel, you have the option to give posts you like an “upvote”, and those you don’t a “downvote”. This creates an ever moving stream of content, where posts with the most votes reach what’s known as the “front page” of the site.

Why Is Reddit Great for Business?  

Now, a lot of you might be thinking “yeah yeah, that’s all great and all - but what’s it got to do with me?”

What you might not know is that Reddit is an amazing social media tool for your business. We use it all the time and love it - here’s why.

There’s a Subreddit for Everything

You name it, there’s a subreddit for it.

Marketing, retail, fashion, home improvement - literally every topic you can think of has multiple subreddits dedicated to it.

For businesses, utilising these subreddits is a fantastic way to spread the word about your business within relevant, super segmented target audiences.

It’s also a great opportunity to surf around and find tips, tricks and advice from people in the industry.

It’s a Global and Popular Network

Reddit has tens of millions of unique visits every month, with hundreds of millions of page views.

It’s used by people all around the world, and en masse.

With statistics like that, it’s no wonder businesses are flocking to advertise and post their content on this incredible site. So not only are you able to segment your audience very specifically for the best effect, you also know that it’ll be put into the view of a hell of a lot of people.

It Makes Publishing a Dream

One of the things we love most about Reddit is how easy it is to post your content.

Got a blog that you want to get out there? No worries. Simply click the giant blue button that says “Submit a New Link”, put in a title, the URL and the subreddit you want it to go to - and off you go!

Better yet, when you make an account (which is super easy to do), you have the ability to see all of your posts, all comments and your up/downvotes per post. This way, you can easily interact with your audience, and know which posts rocked - and which flopped.

While we haven’t been on Reddit as a business for long, we have been absolutely converted by its immense power as a social media and content tool.

Trust us when we say that if you give it a go - you'll never go back!

We know that getting social media firing for your business can be a bit of a daunting process - especially if you’re not completely sure what you should be doing. These channels are changing every day, and it takes a professional touch to utilise them to their full advantage.

Want to see what you could be doing with your social media? What channels you could use, and what you could be doing differently for better results?

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