The Quick Content Calculator

Does your website add up?

There are many elements that must be combined to produce a content-rich website that is fully optimized for search engines.

This list will enable you to calculate the content gaps in your website and steer your writing toward the inbound way of working.

Get started and be on your way to increasing your google footprint, gaining new sales leads and making pay per click redundant!

1. Know Your Keywords

Keywords ensure that search engines understand the content on your pages, and improve SEO. Think of these as the foundation building blocks of your web content.

2. Target Your Messages 

The best way that you can target your messages is by creating buyer personas. You can create these using market research as well as real data about your existing customers.

Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer.

Take your keywords and add them throughout your writing, keeping in mind the specific needs of your ideal customers. This way, they will remain engaged into your content and keep coming back for more. 

3. Blog With Purpose

Blogging is a handy way to regularly promote new content related to your company and industry. Keyword rich blogs are more easily found online by those searching for what you're selling, it's a simple equation.

Exciting blogs will not only help you to attract new visitors, but also to convert those visitors into leads.

4. Get Social

We all know that social media is a powerful tool. The trouble is harnessing this platform in a way that benefits your business and appeals to your personas.

Don't think it's just for the youth. Social Media reaches nearly all demographics.

So get social! Promote your blogs, site pages, team pages and also other industry relevant articles. This can all work to increase click-throughs to your website. These equal lead conversion, closing sales and the continual delight of your customer. 

5. Don't Forget to Repurpose 

Your content does not have a sell-by date. Having added content to all of these areas of your website, it’s now time to do it all again. Go back over your most successful blogs. Then send them out again!

Once you add up these areas of your website and fill them with exciting content, you will outshine the online competition. See! It's a simple mathematical equation to create the winning formula of content for your website. 

If you want more help in determining your content strategy why not download seminar on how content is King.