5 Businesses That Have Amazing Social Media

Social Media is critical to the way businesses market today. In today’s modern world, half of your consumer base is on social media every day. Most businesses--from small local businesses to large corporations--are too.  Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Google+, you can grow your brand and your customer following by engaging followers, being humorous, targeting your demographic, sharing informative content, and using hashtags.

Take a quick look at your social media accounts. How are they performing? What's on them? Are your customers engaging with you? Are you engaging with them?

Great social media is not easy. Social media can increase your brand and bring you new customers, but it takes a lot of work, commitment, and some creativity to nail it.

Here are five examples of social media success.

1. Engaging Followers: Who Gives A Crap

Who Gives A Crap brings something fresh to social media with their quirky style. They transform a basic household good into a memorable product by encouraging their customer to have fun with it, too. Recently, Who Gives A Crap shared their fan's hay fever poem and made it into a shareable image.

These kinds of interactions create funny, memorable posts that engage their fans (and therefore evangelize the brand).Who Gives a Crap engages with their social media following and grows their customer base

  2. Humor: Eat 24

Eat 24 knows what their consumers want and exactly how to get their attention. Their Twitter account is on fire; they are always updating it with all things food and funny. Just today, Eat 24 tweeted the joke pictured below that would have all foodies laughing.Eat 24 has a Twitter stream full of relevant humor they use to connect with their customers.

  3. Targeted Content: Redbull

The key to Redbull's success is knowing their target demographic. Redbull is always on the ball on Instagram. They stay on brand and true to their slogan, “Redbull gives you wings,” whilst keeping their customer in mind. They attract their audience by posting high-power, energetic photos and highlighting sponsored athletes and celebrities, and gain brand awareness.

Redbull's Instagram is full of on-brand visual messaging.

  4. Informative Content: Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are social media gurus and are consistent in updating their followers with the latest Celtics news. Whether an article, image, video or interview, the Celtics are on top of the social media game. This week, the Celtics posted an article and video to keep Facebook fans informed about the strategy for Friday nights game.  

The Boston Celtics keeps their social media channels full of informative content.

  5. Hashtags: Frank Body

Posting to the platforms is not the only step, though. You can also build your brand with the use of tags and hashtags. Frank Body not only showcases its brand through Instagram updates, but uses tags and hashtags to involve their audience in creating brand awareness. Tags like @frank_bod, #frankbodyscub, #thefrankeffect, and #letsbefrank are often attached to images people post when using their products. This, in turn, appears on the brand’s account, expanding the brand’s footprint and market.

Frank Body is great at leveraging hashtags on their Instagram feed.

By using these five strategies, you can build your brand presence online, entertain your followers, and grow your customer base. If you'd like to learn more about tips and tricks for social media, why not read our 5 Simple but Effective Ways to Get Your Social Media Firing?

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