8 Reasons to Love Pinterest and Pin It Like It's Hot


For years, I blindly enjoyed the wonders of the magazine subscription. Each month, I would eagerly await the new delivery of recipes, fashion, garden ideas and ways to wean my baby from a dummy, gleefully tearing off the cling wrap and diving in the second it came through the mail slot.

To this day I still have an extensive collection - literally hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars worth of them, just sitting in a corner of my lounge room.

But this all changed the day I found Pinterest.

You see, I met Pinterest about 2 years ago - and it has opened my eyes to such wide realms of possibilities that I can hardly believe it.pinterestboard

Here's why...What is Pinterest?

For those who don’t know, Pinterest is a website and a mobile App that allows users to “pin” images or pictures - think of it like an electronic pinboard. 

8 Reasons to Love Pinterest

  1. It brings all my likes and loves together in one convenient place. Celebrity hair styles, smoothie recipes, ideas to jazz up my bathroom, fashion - anything I want to see.
  2. Pinterest has a cool search function. I can simply search for anything I like, and there it is.
  3. It's social, my friends can also follow me and repin what they like.
  4. Pinterest is great for generating business ideas and researching new content
  5. Pinterest drives traffic to business websites. Say no more!
  6. For E-Commerce, Rich Pins are a MUST! Like a pin, one click, right through to your site. 
  7. There are different boards for different products, the search function is becoming as popular as Google, it builds brand awareness, allows for cross-promotion - really, the possibilities are endless.
  8. Pinterest is a great place to showcase what your business has to offer - any image can be pinned, even from your website, and it drives incredible amounts of traffic.

However, there are lots of businesses that either don’t know about it or don’t see its value -time to change!

Take it from this Pin-a-holic, Pinterest will change the way you look at social media.

Discover what all the fuss is about and visit, The Kingdom board.