Episode 45 - A Surprising Answer to What is the Best Automated Sales and Marketing Platform?




In today's episode 45 of HubnSpoke we ask the question, What is the best-automated sales and marketing tool for business? The answer is none of them if you don't plan to make a significant investment in training and change management.

The business case for automated sales and marketing software programs is compelling. We are talking about software like HubSpot, Marketo, Infusionsoft, Pardot, and Eloqua. These platforms can make a significant difference to your business.

But you must invest the time required to deploy and train your staff on the programs.


Marketers using automation software generate 2X the number of leads than those using blast email software and are perceived by their peers to be 2X as effective at communicating. (Autopilot, 2015)

(Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)

Without a dedicated investment in time, then the platform will not be successfully deployed, and the results will not come, through no fault of the software. Training on the systems is critical and needs to be ongoing, consistent and in pace with the deployment speed of mar-tech innovations.

HubSpot what is a remarkable tool its power is substantial with so much power comes the need to ensure that the operators understand how to 

Fortunately how is what makes it easier for us by providing free certification classes

All marketing people working with sales and marketing software, like HubSpot, should have the inbound sales and inbound marketing certifications.

This is what the HubSpot Academy says about its inbound certification.

HubSpot Academy's free Inbound Certification course consists of twelve class lectures that span the four stages of the inbound methodology. From optimizing your website, to landing page anatomy, to honing your inbound sales skills, this free certification course covers the basics of what inbound is all about.


These certifications provide a strong understanding of the methodology behind inbound marketing and help you unlock the digital marketing power of content marketing.

The HubSpot sales and marketing platforms have powerful tools. But you must have the skills to understand how to use them.

We also discussed Last Pass the handy password saving tool that makes it easier to remember your passwords.