Episode 49 - The New HubSpot Menu and Instagram Tips




We examine the new menu structure of HubSpot, with the unification of the Sales and marketing menu HubSpot now has successfully unified the two different platforms. 

We discuss the merits of the new menu and reveal some ways we think HubSpot can improve the menu.

Zaahn is a big favorite of Canva and discusses its benefits as well as giving the thumbs up for the Featured Image being available for the Website and Landing Page HubSpot tool.

The Kingdom team use Canva to reference the latest sizes of social art.

We help HubSpot Partners with some tips on how to manage digital styles, and about the best ways to get Instagram hashtags working with the HubSpot social tool

Adam talks about the benefits of keyboard customization in iOS and macOS.

The big reveal in episode 50 is a special guest upcoming.