Brand SA Case Study

With an outdated website and data management issues, Brand South Australia was searching for a solution that would streamline their processes. They desired a solution that included the ability to store and coordinate large volumes of data, host their existing website, as well as allow them to create and manage additional websites as they expanded.

“Enlisting The Kingdom for help, Brand South Australia gained two websites that showcase the beauty of South Australia, as well as an additional revenue stream and optimised data management system.“

The Kingdom utilised the HubSpot platform to give Brand South Australia the all-inclusive solution they were searching for using custom code, APIs and integrations.

About Brand South Australia

Brand South Australia exists to position South Australia locally, nationally and globally as a creative, innovative and industrious state. Working as part of the South Australian Government, media, business and the broader community, they open the door to greater opportunities for South Australia.


Brand South Australia is a government department that is the custodian of the State Brand. Engaging The Kingdom in May of 2016, Brand South Australia required a range of different technologies and systems to be brought together to create one, fluid platform.

“After extensive evaluation and consideration, including the creation of a WordPress website, Brand South Australia needed a solution that was better tailored to their evolving digital requirements.”

The challenge posed to The Kingdom was to merge their old websites, replacing them with brand new, visually stunning sites. They also wanted to have one single CRM to manage their multiple websites and data sets, so they could effectively promote the benefits of South Australia.

How The Kingdom Helped

In order to meet Brand South Australia’s needs, The Kingdom utilised the automated sales and marketing platform HubSpot. Through HubSpot’s website manager, The Kingdom created a microsite for their smaller brand, I Choose SA, as well as a large master website for Brand South Australia.

“Through these two new websites, Brand South Australia was then able to provide a streamlined Membership experience, providing a mutually beneficial solution for associated businesses and entrepreneurs in South Australia.”

Through HubSpot forms, workflows and marketing automation, the registration process was optimised, allowing staff members to approve and nurture contacts more efficiently.

Innovation Through Integrations

The Kingdom then created a new revenue stream for Brand South Australia by building an integrated Shopify eCommerce platform designed to provide profits, allow reinvestment and expand marketing investment.

“Integrations made a substantial impact on Brand South Australia’s HubSpot experience. The solution included the HubSpot-Shopify integration to manage State Brand and Membership requests as well as approval.”

Events were integrated via Eventbrite, allowing the power of Eventbrite to be harnessed by HubSpot.

This allowed the power of Eventbrite to be harnessed by HubSpot. Brand South Australia’s extensive membership database was also put into, and managed by, the HubSpot CRM.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans
Creating a Member Directory fueled by submissions from South Australian businesses pushed HubSpot to the limit. Businesses were able to register using HubSpot and The Kingdom created a specific, unique coding solution to allow the editing of those customers. The Kingdom also used the newly-introduced HubsDB feature to serve data to the website. By utilising HubSpot and Shopify to create these websites and eCommerce solutions for Brand South Australia, The Kingdom were able to assist the client to effectively market, nurture and advocate South Australian businesses and the State Brand.

Showcasing South Australian Businesses

The Shopify eCommerce platform allowed smaller businesses of South Australia to be given the ability to have a shopfront. which provided them greater exposure to the world’s market. “Additionally, as the Brand Custodian, businesses can now use these HubSpot and Shopify websites to apply and purchase access to the State Brand, as well as Brand Membership and merchandise.” HubSpot's options to create and manage multiple blogs allowed South Australian businesses to feed Brand South Australia information on their latest stories.

These curated blogs are then used to promote the business and Brand South Australia. And, since membership data was managed by the HubSpot CRM, Brand South Australia was provided with a dynamic sales system for their sales team to utilise to the strongest effect.

Improving Functionality

By building Brand South Australia’s websites with HubSpot, The Kingdom were also able to provide the client with an improved ability to showcase events. 

‘Names of Australia’, the site which hosted the South Australian Regional Awards, was created and managed using a split enterprise HubSpot portal with Reporting and Ads Add-Ons to gain improved advertising impact and analytics.”

Together with The Kingdom, Brand South Australia was able to achieve their desired goals and more, finding many new and innovative techniques that will provide both them and their customers with an experience that’s second to none.