Why You Must Have Live Chat on Your Shopify e-Commerce Store

Is your business diving into the world of eCommerce? Have you already got an eCommerce store, but feel like it could be performing better? Wondering how you can improve your customers' online experience?

For businesses using eCommerce, finding the best way to engage and delight your shoppers can be easier said than done. In the days of brick-and-mortor, it was your staff that provided all of the answers and the customer experience. So, how can you transfer that level of customer attention online?

What Are the Benefits of Live Chat for Shopify?

When you sell your products digitally, you need to have a way for shoppers to connect with you. If they have questions about what you're selling, they need to be able to get in touch with you and have that question answered in a timely fashion.

Having a live chat option allows your customer to directly contact your business.

It's an easy to use interface, and since the introduction of messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, most people are very familiar with how to use it. By giving customers the answers to their questions quickly and easily online, you help to build trust during their buyer's journey, improving your customer relationship as you go.

How Do I Get Live Chat for Shopify?

As one of the biggest eCommerce platforms, Shopify integrates with a great many live chat apps. At The Kingdom, we use Drift for our live chat needs. However, there are a stack of other options out there, including:

Each of these platforms are great in their own way - explore them and discover which one will be the right fit for your business.

Once you have live chat set up, you can start engaging with your customers on your online store. Then you have the opportunity to suggest up-sell items and complimentary goods based on their questions, helping you get more sales all while improving customer satisfaction.

If you have Shopify or an eCommerce store, live chat is a must-have for the new digital consumer era.

And, with a good inbound marketing strategy, customer experience and online store, you can start making more sales than ever before.

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