5 Features Of HubSpot To Delight You

HubSpot has hundreds of features, spread over three powerful Hubs. Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and Service Hub.

With so many features, how do you know what is going to make a difference to your bottom line?

To help, we have ripped out 5 simply must-have features that will shame your opposition and fire up your sales lead generation and growth.

1. Prospects' Activity

See when your prospects are clicking specific pages on your website. See what pages they have clicked, in fact, you can filter based on a minimum of 25 different activities.

The Kingdom - HubSpot Prospects Tool


2. Free CRM

A free CRM that pulls as much information from the web as it can. Why waste time filling out boring but critical details. Simply enter an email into the HubSpot CRM and HubSpot polls the web to find as much information as possible.

The Kingdom - HubSpot CRM Tool


3. The Prospects Tool

Prospects are visitors to your site that have not yet converted on a form. The prospects tool uses the HubSpot tracking code to detect the IP address for each page view.

 The Kingdom - HubSpot The Prospects Tool

It then surfaces publicly available information about the associated company so you can learn more about the visitors to your site.

4. Audiences

Know which specific digital ad got the lead, then track that lead all the way through to a sale. It might take months, even years, but HubSpot Remembers. Build Custom Lists, then upload them to Facebook Audiences and track the Sale all the way through.


The Kingdom - HubSpot Audience Tool


5. Workflows

Workflows that automatically sends information to your desired list of prospects to help your leads evaluate their purchasing decisions, without you lifting a finger. Wake up daily to a list of warm leads.


The Kingdom - HubSpot Workflow Tool


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