Episode 58 - 11 Free Features of the HubSpot Free CRM - Part 2





Welcome to HubnSpoke episode 58. Part 2 of the analysis of the 11 features of the HubSpot Free CRM that are outstanding and represent sensational value.

As HubSpot Solutions Partners The Kingdom team provide loads of sales and onboard training for HubSpot. Normally for paid portals. It's unusual for us to provide training on the Free HubSpot CRM, but after preparation we were legitimately surprised at how powerful the HubSpot CRM really is.

Passionate HubSpot users, Adam Steinhardt and Zaahn Johnson investigate the free features including:

  1. The chatbot
    It's free. Seriously cool. Discover it.
  2. Live Chat 
    Everyone should have it. We have over $100,000 of business generated from Live Chat in just one year. Get it. It's free.
  3. Five active lists
    It's the best part of HubSpot. Use the five freebies to set up your sales funnel stats. This feature shouldn't be free.
  4. List Saving 
    The ability to save list filters for your team is incredibly powerful. A great tool for productivity. This shouldn't be free either.
  5. Forms
    Easy to make and easy to embed. Hidden fields are priceless for making your segmentation. It should be $9 a month, not free.
  6. Email integration with major platforms
    Every time you type an email using Gmail or Outlook, it's logged in the CRM. Perfect for consolidated sales communication.

Discover the full blog here  https://www.thekingdom.com.au/11-features-of-hubspot-free-crm


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