Episode 10 - How to Use Social Media to Convert Leads in Your Sales Funnel. Stage 4 - Delight


HubnSpoke Episode 10 - How to Use Social Media - Stage 4 of 4 - Delight.

Adam Steinhardt and Zaahn Johnson discuss how to use social media to delight your customers. Episode 10 of HubnSpoke is the final part of the 4 part series on how to use social media to bring leads down your sales funnel.


HubSpotters, we discuss our favourite features on HubSpot. This week we talk about keywords and the sales CRM pipeline tool. The Kingdom HubSpot experts also discuss the changes they would make if they were in charge of HubSpot.

If you are a HubSpotter or sales and marketing professional wanting to get more out of HubSpot, or inbound marketing, then HubnSpoke is the podcast for you.

If you would like to learn more about HubSpot, check out the features movie here.

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