Where to Start With Sales and Marketing Technology?

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Old Sales Methods Are Dead

There are so many apps to assist with sales and marketing. Old methods of selling are dead, cold calling no longer works, and traditional advertising methods are finding it harder to get reach and compete against the likes of Facebook, Google, and Social Media.

Technology is giving more power to consumers. Every day, using smartphones, your prospects can fact check, review, and collect pricing information in seconds.

Fortunately, there are thousands of apps that give power to a modern inventive sales force.


Technology is giving more powers to the consumers.

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Why Should You Change Your Existing Methods?

But so much technology can be overwhelming, particularly if you are managing an established business with well-entrenched processes that are not always easy to change and alter.

Why should you change your old methods?

It's essential for future survival to use the digital revolution to give your sales and marketing teams an advantage. This is where Mar-tech software makes a difference.

Clunky old processes make it hard for Sales Teams to succeed.

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Which Software App Should You Start With?

Software programs such as HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, Keap (Infusionsoft) are beneficial, but where do you start?

Low hanging fruit is the key to quick gains. Often marketing technology will cost money to implement, and this requires a return on investment. Getting that ROI in the fastest possible time is critical.

So how do you recognize the critical areas where you should apply your Mar-Tech software budget.

What does HubSpot do? Find out. The Kingdom helps you get the most from the first minute you log in to the HubSpot app.

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More Sales Makes Everybody Happy

Your Mar-Tech revolution starts with sales. Sales makes the money. Revenue makes stakeholders happy.

Look to be deploying Mar-Tech software that improves the sales processes and removes friction in the sales process.

More sales will come from making it easier for your sales team to do more deals, making it easier for customers to buy from you.

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Get Ready For More Demand With Sales Training.

Extra Demand Hurts

There is no point driving additional demand from marketing if your sales team is at full capacity. Or if your sales team has clunky old processes that make it difficult to transact.

Increasing demand with the powers of marketing technology software through powerful internet marketing will only stress out the established processes. It's essential to get your sales processes streamlined first.

Sales Training is the key.

Sales training is critical and should be a weekly event for your team.

Get the post-it notes off your desk and use modern tools, sales training kickstarts this process and wins you more deals.

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Remove Friction and Get Selling.

Sales training impacts the bottom line. Sales training on modern-day technologies improves morale and flushes out challenges that the sales team are experiencing daily. Problems that may prevent them your team from doing deals and getting quotes out the door.

If your sales team is working efficiently, then you are beating the opposition. The inefficient sales team in the modern-day world will get demolished by the technologies of the internet.

You may be able to rely on your existing client base, but the chances are that the attrition rate is higher than the acquisition rate if you are not moving forward with the latest technology.

Start with sales training.


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Sales Training Guides you to Your Mar-Tech Software Needs

A simple training session will build a to-do list of action points that sales teams feel friction with. Often these challenges are not known to the owners and operators and sales managers of the business. Getting close to the sales front through a training session allows you to discover what is preventing you from moving forward.

From there, you're in a position to understand the technology that can assist.
For example, many modern-day quoting tools exist in the cloud on the internet that can help. The HubSpot free CRM is a modern-day CRM that can replace the spreadsheets and word processing documents that come from a bygone era.

Get the post-it notes off your desk and use modern tools, sales training kickstarts this process and wins you more deals.

How to Get Your Sales Team Firing with Sales Training

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