Understanding the HubSpot Website COS

The HubSpot Content Optimisation System is the website building engine for HubSpot. This content management system is referred to as the HubSpot COS.

So what is a content management system?

As defined by Wikipaedia...

A content management system (CMS)[1][2][3] is a computer application that supports the creation and modification of digital content using a standard user interface[4] and thus usually supporting multiple users working in a collaborative environment.[5] CMSes have been available since the late 1990s.

From Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content_management_system

In summary, it is an easy way to manage your website content so that you can efficiently publish to the web.

There are different ways to programme and control the HubSpot COS.

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What parts of HubSpot use the COS?

The HubSpot COS is used widely throughout the platform. It is a major strength of the application, as it provides consistency to all areas of web publishing.

The HubSpot COS is used to design:



Website Pages

Landing Pages

Thank You Pages


Pretty much any part of HubSpot that needs web designing.

This consistent approach to the design of the platform is a significant HubSpot benefit.

The alternative is a whole mixed bag of different programmes. Many businesses cobble together programs like WordPress, MailChimp, Lead Pages, Hootsuite and Formidable. This has the significant disadvantage as there is no continuity or consistency. Using this digital jury rig takes hours when HubSpot takes minutes.

HubSpot provides you with one powerful environment. All parts are working together. One easy-to-use platform for the management of your sales and marketing activities.

There are a couple of ways to use the HubSpot COS. The COS offers simplicity for the non-programmer, yet complexity for the experienced developer.

The Easy way - template building.

The HubSpot COS hides complicated programming from users that don't have a full understanding of code. The HubSpot template builder provides a drag and drop interface to build your template.

The Normal web building way - Coding by HTML and CSS.

The HubSpot COS provides a programming environment that allows you to write HTML/CSS code. Programmers familiar with this way of coding will find the COS easy to work with.

HubSpot has its code building language called HUBL. HUBL allows the accredited HubSpot COS programmer to access the advanced features of HubSpot.

We help existing HubSpot customers.

Do you have your HubSpot portal set up correctly?

We audit many HubSpot portals and often see poorly set up HubSpot templates.

Often, HTML is dumped into the template. Standard web developers not accredited in HubSpot often do this. This fails to use the power of the HubSpot drag and drop page building tool.

This denies you the powerful ability to have drag and drop template creation.

Dumped HTML makes it hard to alter and change your web pages. This method bypasses the HubSpot, template builder. This is one of the key features of the HubSpot environment.

The Kingdom provides comprehensive best practices programming services for HubSpot.

The Kingdom has multiple HubSpot COS accredited code developers. All of our team members understand how to create templates in the HubSpot COS system.


We can build you and elegant HubSpot website experience, using the full features of HubSpot.

If you have HubSpot and are wondering how your templates are set up, we provide a simple audit service. This service will give you an understanding of how well your HubSpot portal has been created.

In this review, we will discover the efficiency of your website pages.

We also provide you with remedies on the best way to fix them in the event they are not best practices.

We have substantial experience in creating HubSpot website pages

Are you using WordPress?

The Kingdom provides a service to migrate your HubSpot pages from WordPress. Also, we can convert other website platforms to HubSpot. The Kingdom have experience in translating pages from Square Space, HTML CSS, Drupal, Dot-Net Nuke and Joomla into HubSpot websites.

We help busy marketing professionals build HubSpot websites with continuous improvement to get value and growth from their technology investment. Find out what HubSpot is used for and make a difference to your sales and marketing.


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