The Power Of Ambassadors 

Having an ambassador for your brand is a great way to push your brand into the public eye.

As a content marketing agency, The Kingdom has appreciated that their high status and fame can be transferred onto your brand by association.

Brand Ambassadors can help your brand to reach a wider audience on digital platforms through their own followers and fans.

Better still, ambassadors can help you gain access to media attention, as your brand image can be present during photo shoots, interviews and events.

At The Kingdom, we encourage the use of ambassadors in a brand’s content marketing strategy. We have one ourselves - the incredible professional volleyballer, and Olympian, Becchara Palmer. On March 28th, 2015, Bec was crowned Australian Champion for the 5th time, and is now focussing on making it to Rio 2016, her second Olympics.

As resellers of the HubSpot™ content management platform, we are able to give you clever ad agency strategies to improve your marketing.

Great copywriting goes along way, but our social media experts have fully embraced the power of influencer marketing by working with Becchara Palmer.

Coincidentally, Becchara Palmer is a social media expert in Adelaide here at The Kingdom.

Becchara recently conducted an interview with The Kingdom’s CEO, Adam Steinhardt, about why you should incorporate ambassadors into your brand and give your digital marketing a boost.

You can follow Becchara on Facebook here.

Thanks to Owen Hammond Photography for his amazing shots of Bec in action.