The Power of a Call To Action

How to turn your website page into a sales lead generating powerhouse.

What is the difference between a sales lead generating website page compared to just another one of the millions of web pages?

How do you turn your website page into a lead generator? Are your website pages built with content created for the sake of creating content?

Are your pages guilty of talking about how great your business is? Are your pages missing the critical purpose which is to prove how your business helps the prospect? To build rapport, sales lead generating website content should focus on how your business helps the prospect. The prospect is going through the evaluation process by using the internet.

The number of pages they may look at in evaluating their future sale could be in the hundreds of pages.

Your page must take the prospect on a journey of trust, but also provide you with an eventual outcome. This is where TOFU, MOFU and BOFU structure on your page, combined with calls to action to get you results. This is Inbound Marketing. 

The Power of TOFU, MOFU and BOFU


TOFU is top of the sales funnel - the initial stage.

MOFU is middle of the sales funnel- The evaluation stage

BOFU is bottom of the sales funnel - The next action stage.

Every one of your website pages should have a call to action to help guide the prospect on the next step in the trust building process. "Contact us" is the most common call to action.

All salespeople want a "Contact Us" submission. Pushing the contact us form to the prospect too early will scare them away. So many website pages, do not provide a call to action for the prospect to move on to the next stage of the sales process.

WARNING; If your competitors have a lead generating website with call to actions throughout their site, you are going to lose sales.

Your website page must have a purpose and provide a call to action beyond that of contact us, Calls to action guide the person on your website to the solution that they are looking for that solves their problem.

By doing so, you give the prospects the ammunition they need to trust you. By creating trackable calls to actions on your web site pages, you can see what stage the prospect is up to in their buying cycle.

When you are using a tool like HubSpot it allows you to see when prospects are on your website. HubSpot shows which call to actions are clicked and which web pages visited. HubSpot lets you connect with the customer at the correct time in the sales process. After they have demonstrated they are interested in a sales conversation.

For example, the calls to action for this page are:

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Alternatively, you may seek a full HubSpot demonstration to see how an automated sales and marketing software tool can make a difference. Or you may wish to learn more with the following links.

By adding calls to action to every page, you change your website page from being just another piece of content on the internet to being a lead generation powerhouse.

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