The Kingdom Live: Planning vs Reacting, what is the best way to make marketing happen?

Today we discuss the benefits of learning over planning your marketing, social media and website design.

In this edition of The Kingdom Live with Adam Steinhardt and Alex Donovan, we cover planning vs learning. Why should you care? What we are about to say might save you tens of thousands of otherwise wasted marketing dollars and hundreds of hours of wasted time.
Planning with massive gantt charts are a thing of the past. The minute you put your plan down on the table, it's outdated. It used to be okay in the slow moving world pre internet, but the digital marketing world moves too quickly in 2016. There is a better way.
So what do you do? How do you plan? In this episode, we investigate the benefits of learning and reacting, over planning. If you are thinking about building a new website, or about to spend money on an advertising campaign, this is a must see episode. 
Discover how we use Scrum to make this happen and the benefits of Growth Driven Design when designing websites.
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