Host Your Videos with Wistia

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What is Wistia?

Wistia is professional video hosting with analytics and video marketing tools

Secure your videos

Take complete control by restricting where videos can be played and how they look on search and social.

Generate new leads with your video marketing.

Tie Wistia to your favourite email tools to capture leads in your videos and send them to your lists

Improve your SEO

Wistia videos use JSON-LD to ensure your videos rank for pages on your website, not

Understand your data

Create better content by understanding how viewers interact and engage with your videos

Wistia lets you create Calls to action and email collectors

Turn passive viewers into active audience members. Link our Turnstile email collector to your favourite email marketing tool and we’ll pass new leads directly to your email lists. Direct viewers to your sign-up page, more videos, or other parts of your website with calls to action.

Video heatmaps & viewing trends

Every view generates a heatmap, which shows exactly which parts of the video the viewer watched, skipped, and rewatched. Trend Graphs let you track how your entire video library performs over time.