The Financial Case For HubSpot

Traditional advertising is a waste

Traditional advertising is pay once for an instance. Once done, it is gone. Once the TV ad has run it's over, the paper page is turned and it's gone.Even with pay per impression digital advertising, you pay for the impression - if it's not clicked then money is gone. What if the eyeballs are not watching, and the customer is not ready to buy at that particular moment?Website pages are an annuity

From a financial point of view, let's treat web pages like they are an annuity - once created they are there forever.

A website page has an unlimited life cycle. Once it is up, it is available forever to your potential customer.

Every time your website is called into action it is just like there is a coin dropping in your piggy bank.


  • A search on Google that finds you - cha-ching

  • A click that goes to your site - cha-ching

  • A well-written web page helping the customer - cha-ching

  • A call to action and a landing page - cha-ching

  • A lead for your sales team - Bank

There is no limit to the return on investment with a website page. Considering this, it is surprising that many businesses create their website, then let it gather dust when it has such remarkable power.
Since we moved to HubSpot and started blogging and creating web pages, all our pages just sit in the background getting clicks all the time. Cha-ching, cha-ching.

Thanks to HubSpot, we are getting thousands of hits. 

The Kingdom International HubSpot Partner of the Year 2015

Well-written web pages take the prospect on a journey that results in some form of transaction. This is the premise of Inbound marketing.

The Kingdom International HubSpot Partner of the Year 2015
Sales vs Marketing generated leads.

As the person making the decisions in your business, how are you hoping your sales will grow? Does your plan involve hiring more salespeople to go out and burn shoe, cold call and connect with customers? Just like sales was done 30 years ago?

This method used to work, but now with handheld devices and the Internet so dominant, it's not the same world anymore. Sales generated leads are so much harder to get now. Hours of time can be wasted employing techniques from bygone eras in a digital world.

Cold Calling is Dead.

I recently spoke with a tech-savvy CEO, who converted to Hubspot after finally realising cold calling was dead. He spent eight weeks running an exotic direct mail campaign, combined with a dedicated telemarketing follow-up the process to cold customers. This method served him well in the 90's and 2000's. It used to work.
His results… 160 calls for two leads. A huge amount of effort for the negligible return. A total wipe out.

In 2015, the world is different.

Gone are the days of sales being driven by the hours put in and the skill of the salesperson. This is an increasingly difficult problem when trying to grow sales. HubSpot solves this problem.
HubSpot creates Marketing Qualified Leads, (MQL) and lots of them.

Using Lead scoring, HubSpot creates better-qualified leads for your team. HubSpot lets you see the journey that your customers are going as the click on your website pages and all of those Cha-Ching points.
This provides you with a powerful understanding of their needs and wants, their hot spots.

This information, fed to your sales team provides them with a far greater ability to close the deal. Qualified leads that provided easier conversion opportunities.

Often I have seen CEO’s aggressively demand sales to be doubled. Growth to occur for no other reason that the number is written in a budget. Often the sales manager just have to go do it, without a confident strategy as the tried and traditional methods have failed.

Adding the powerful HubSpot weapon to your arsenal will generate will generate better-qualified traffic to your sales team. Conversion rates will skyrocket.

The average HubSpot subscription investment ranges from $3000 to $45000 per year.

Check out our pricing page here.

Check out our Grow Sales Fast Business System page here. 

So how do you justify an (on average) $70,000 per year investment in your marketing? The whole goal of marketing is to drive more sales than it costs as an investment. Naturally we all want sales increases, but what if there are none?

So when considering your HubSpot investment, what is the worst thing that can happen?

Here is the worst case result over your 12-month investment with The Kingdom and HubSpot, using content marketing and inbound marketing.

  • You will get 1000 web pages and your organic reach will soar.
  • You will get a professionally designed website.
  • You will have an organised email publishing regime that goes out on a regular basis.
  • You will have a series of lead nurturing emails written with links back to your web pages.
  • You will have a blog that is organised and presents loads of opportunities for organic search to be forever coming to your website.
  • You will have many pages of centric customer information that will build trust.
  • You will get hours of marketing strategy about the best way to drive sales.
  • You will understand what does not work in the marketplace.
  • You will have a significant understanding of the statistics of the business and what is driving traffic.
  • You will have an increased TwitterFacebookGoogle +YoutubeLinkedIn following.
  • You will have professionally written linked profiles.
  • You will future proof your organisation for the new generation of consumers that only know digital.

But of course with all this activity it is highly unlikely you will get no deals.

Most businesses around the world that adopt an inbound strategy, using HubSpot, end up with a surge in web traffic, leads, conversion opportunities and deals. So much so that on speaking with them, they wondered why they even bothered with old fashioned marketing at all.

HubSpot is huge in the USA, as can be seen by the NASDAQ (HUBS) trading chart it has doubled in value since the float. HubSpot has just opened an office in Singapore.

Australia is ready for take off. Early HubSpot adopters are going to get an advantage over their opposition and take a lead in the market that may well be unassailable.

The Kingdom is determined to make your HubSpot investment work.

We have completely committed our business to the HubSpot process and with that comes a significant commitment to making it a success for your business.

While the investment question is there...the question for your business is can you afford not to have HubSpot and quickly be left behind?

Contact our friendly team of Adelaide inbound marketing experts to learn more about how HubSpot can help your business. 

Speak to The Kingdom and discover how our inbound marketing and lead generation techniques help Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth and Adelaide businesses grow sales fast using the HubSpot Marketing and CRM platform. We create content marketing strategies that get you sales.

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