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Sam Hutchinson

"Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present."

I'm passionate about writing entertaining content that will keep the reader hooked, regardless of its subject matter.




I’ve always been passionate about telling stories. Since childhood, I’ve been captivated by stories from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, to more recent stories including Game of Thrones and Song of Achilles; this passion for reading naturally led to a passion for writing.   

I have a wide background in terms of writing. My writing career started at the University of Adelaide, where I would write a master’s thesis on refugee rights and a state’s obligation to refugees. However, I wouldn’t limit myself to academic writing and began my copywriting career by working freelance, writing for a range of different companies across Australia including PetBarn. 

Most recently I wrote for popular entertainment and popular culture news site Screen Rant, as well as for Australia based international student magazine, Insider Guides. This experience in journalism helped me to find a delicate balance in my content, allowing my writing to be both informative and entertaining without compromising on either. While this background in journalism certainly helped improve my writing, it also helped me to understand the importance of SEO. As a result, during my time writing for Screen Rant and Insider Guides, I didn’t only learn to find equilibrium between information and entertainment, but also with SEO best practice. 

I am now focussing on improving my writing skills even further at The Kingdom, using my creative writing experience to help businesses create entertaining and informative content that will help businesses achieve the results they want and to engage and grow their customer base.  

My Kingdom Goals:  

  • To help businesses achieve and exceed their goals with creative, informative, and enjoyable content across their digital properties. 
  • To constantly improve my own writing skills and overcome new challenges as they arise.  
  • To match the ambition of The Kingdom in delivering world-class content to businesses across the globe. 

Interesting Info:  

  • Originally from Newcastle in the UK. 
  • Can sing several Disney songs in French. 
  • Huge interest in philosophy, my favourite philosopher is Immanuel Kant. 
  • Typically described as an ‘Apple sheep’. 
  • Huge fan of the Premier League and Newcastle United (unfortunately).
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