People To People Marketing: Awesome Ideas To Help You Crush It


The world is obsessed with acronyms in sales and marketing, b2b, b2c, but at the core of all transactions, particularly in business to business, its people to people. P2P.

Relationships and word of mouth are still a significant part of doing business even more so when you consider now that word of mouth is amplified via social media channels. Here are some ideas to improve P2P using digital tools:


Team Page

Make sure you have a fantastic team page for each of your team members. It's always a powerful indicator that a prospect is interested in what you have to say when they go and visit your personal website page. 

Unique URL

For many websites, team pages are the second most visited pages after the home page. Make sure that the web page has a unique URL. This way, you and your team member can push that link on their social channels and use it in their email signature. 

Personalized email tokens.

HubSpot allows you to personalize your email content. Inserting tokens into email means that you're able to put the company name and the person's name and specific information relevant to them. The more personal your email outs, the better your P2P connection.

Smart content

HubSpot also allows you to segment your emails with the Lifecycle stage. Meaning you can speak differently to your customers than you would your prospects. The following are smart content options available in HubSpot. Definitions are taken from the HubSpot Website. (link)You can base your smart rules on the following criteria types:

  • Country: display content to your viewer based on their country. The IP address of the visitor determines the country.
  • Device type: specify which device this smart content is centered around (mobile, tablet, or desktop). HubSpot looks at what is called the user agent of your visitor’s browser to determine their device type. Since this can sometimes be changed on the device, HubSpot cannot always guarantee accurate segmentation.
  • Referral source: show visitors your smart content based on how they found your site.
  • Preferred language: personalize your content based on the language set within the user's web browser.
  • Contact list membership: show the contact in your HubSpot database certain content depending on whether or not they're a member of one of your HubSpot lists.
  • Lifecycle stage: this will look at the lifecycle stage property of a contact in your HubSpot database and display the relevant content based on the value of this field.

Source :

Smart content allows you to customize your content specifically to the location that the person is in or the times that you're working in. 

You can use the HubSpot personalisation tokens on your website to make a custom website experience. 

Live Chat

Live chat is part of the free suite of HubSpot CRM tools and does provide personal one on one interaction. When enabled on your website, people can chat with people. P2P also means you have your LinkedIn profile set up correctly with all the ways that you help the customer, making sure that you're providing the customer, comfort, and reasons to work with you. 

Get working with Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is also now a more personal business tool which you can use to reach out to connect with people on Facebook without being having to be friended. Those business contacts you have a more relaxed experience with.

Facebook Messenger allows you to connect with people in businesses directly. This works well, particularly in your group forums and Facebook. 

For example, we're on the group forum for HubSpot partners. We wouldn't friend many of the people on this page, but we can contact any of them using Facebook Messenger, far simpler than via email.