Joust: Transforming the Way Australians Shop for Home Loans

When we first started talking to Joust about how we could help launch their service – Australia’s easiest online home loan shopping experience – we immediately knew that we were the right agency to help. As a small startup run by experienced professionals, Joust knew that bringing in the combined power of The Kingdom’s content and programming teams would allow them to launch successfully into the Australian home loan market.

Joust’s story is simple, but understanding home loans and financing isn’t. That’s why The Kingdom has developed and executed a plan to create simple, engaging content that answers their customer’s questions.

The Story

Joust lets lenders compete openly and transparently for a customer with their Jousting platform. Customers start by creating a simple profile based on three factors – credit score, employment history, and income – which is anonymised. Then, the customer starts their Joust: a transparent bidding war that can last anywhere from one to five days. During this process, lenders compete with the best home loan rates they can offer. Once the bidding wraps up, the customer can choose their favourite loan and Joust passes their information on to the selected lender.

It's a brilliant process: Joust gets rid of all the manual work that goes into home loan shopping – like visiting bank branches or selecting a mortgage broker – and allows customers to save thousands over the term of the loan. The Joust process even ends up saving the lenders money in fees, which is then passed on to the customer in lower rates.

Joust is all about making the complicated process of home loan shopping simple. That’s why, when they learned how inbound marketing and HubSpot makes marketing simple, they were eager to jump onboard.

Joust social media

The Plan

The Kingdom started working with Joust to develop a truly inbound website. Using a combination of their online app, their existing Squarespace site, and the HubSpot site that we built for them, Joust was able to successfully launch their pilot program in South Australia at the beginning of August.

We started with the fundamentals: creating the content that answers the customer’s questions. In less than three months, we’ve expanded their site by 62 pages and created a custom calculator that helps Joust visitors determine how much they could save on their loan. Understanding home loans isn’t simple, which is why we’re so dedicated to providing clear answers to one of the most important choices a person can make.

Our programming team took on the challenge of creating an accurate home loan calculator. Unlike the calculators offered by banks and lenders, the Joust free online home loan calculator doesn't rely on the standard current interest rates, which are used as a best-case rate regardless of a customer's qualifications. Instead, Joust uses real-time historical data from previous Jousted loans to give the customer a best-case scenario based on what other Jousters are actually paying.


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The Results

With a combination of social media, direct emails, and targeted ads, Joust has been able to help hundreds of Australians Joust over $130 million dollars in financing over the past quarter. With such impressive numbers and a slew of positive media coverage, Joust is now securing more financing partners and is expanding into the Australian state of Victoria.