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Content Covered in HubSpot Inbound and Design Certifications

HubSpot provides a range of certifications to learn the ins and outs of inbound marketing and how to use their extensive online tools. HubSpot provides 3 different certifications, including Inbound and HubSpot Design. So, what do they cover exactly?

Inbound Certification

As someone with limited prior marketing experience, the first question I naturally had was what is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a more modern approach to marketing. It utilises the fact that someone will research something, usually online, before making their purchase. Inbound marketing allows the customers find you, instead of your company trying to find customers as with traditional outbound marketing. It puts customers in the centre of the picture, instead of the marketing team, creating leads and customers organically through the publishing of useful online content.

The certification itself is a crash course in HubSpot inbound marketing. I would recommend this course for someone that has absolutely no prior marketing experience and wants to quickly grasp the fundamentals of inbound marketing. You can go through all of the classes in about 9 hours (even faster if you speed up the videos), and the associated quiz is easy if you’ve gone through the classes.

HubSpot Design Certification

In addition to the Inbound Certification, there is also a HubSpot design certification. This is completely different to the previous and is targeted towards web developers.

In very loose terms, it covers best design habits for developing various types of online content using their online template creator. These include blogs, websites, landing pages and email templates. The whole philosophy is to create useful content and provide next steps for visitors to continue browsing on your site. The classes also teach you how to use the design tools that HubSpot provides.

The difficult part of the certification comes with the practical component. For this, you need to create a website template with additional formatting and back end adjustments of the page CSS file. This is something that is not as simple to grasp as the earlier components, and requires quite a bit of studying into how HubSpot utilizes CSS and how to incorporate HubL - HubSpot’s own markup language - into the template.


So, should you get these certifications? If you have the time, there is no reason not to. HubSpot is a powerful tool quickly develop quality online content (if you know what you’re doing). The certifications put your foot in the door to the wide world of marketing and content creation.

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Written by Alex Donovan, covering topics like HubSpot Responsive Design Web Development

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