HubSpot Saves Money Removing The Hidden Costs of Marketing

Your FrankenStack

of sales and marketing software is costing you hundreds of valuable human labor hours every year. We've unveiled the hidden marketing costs that nobody thinks of.

The Hidden ROI from automated software. Is the HubSpot Marketing plan all wrong? We fix it.

Everyone wants ROI from new software investments, but what is the COE (Cost of Existing) of your current marketing technology software? Does your current software situation sound similar to this? WordPress, MailChimp, Typeform, CRM, Lead Pages, SEO tool, Buffer/Hootsuite? 

Despite best intentions, your IT stack becomes challenging to manage. HubSpot removes the need for all this software.

The sticker price of quality marketing software can often overshadow the productivity gains for expensive, labour-intensive marketing teams. These gains are often ignored with higher preference placed on the sticker price of the software. 

Let's look at how your productivity dramatically increases using HubSpot. How does Hubspot save your marketing team hundreds of hours a year?

A Central Store For All Your content

Powered by AWS, HubSpot is a central store of all your data, your marketing assets, your templates, logos, videos, sales contacts, 

One Login - One Password

Many software tools mean multiple passwords and licensing constraints. HubSpot One Password for all your team members with different permission team permission tiers across the entire platform.

Built-in SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization is essential for your website to get found. HubSpot provides comprehensive SEO and Content Cluster tools, as well as easy and obvious optimization recommendations on SEO, so you don't have to be an SEO expert.

Protect against Staff Movement.

The HubSpot activity timeline is linked forever to all your prospects and team members' actions, so if a team member leaves, their data does not. The contact history stays.

Hold One Company Accountable (and one of their 4000 Partners)

Who owns your Marketing Frankensoftware stack? With HubSpot, they own the whole app and enormous dedication to education. There are over 35 courses in the HubSpot Academy and thousands of up to date web pages that help you. 

One UI/UX to learn and master. 

The HubSpot Email, Website pages, Call to Actions, Forms, Social, Calendars, Campaigns, Landing Pages, and Blog all have the same interface. Once you learn one UI, you learn them all Fully backed by video-driven accreditations. 

The HubSpot online Google help is extraordinary, up to date, and comprehensive.

Easy connection to all your apps. 

HubSpot has over 300 integrations to connect to and a robust API, but think of what it is replacing? All your marketing apps trying to talk to each other with various plugins become one big mess and expensive. Too many inefficient connections mean impediments and restrictions.

So Many Small Helpful HubSpot Tools

So many helper tools that speed up your marketing that doesn't make the main menu.

  • Quick @mentions to include any team member in a conversation.
  • Built-in, on the fly SEO optimization
  • Text snippets with one key shortcut to insert in the document. 
  • Email connection harvest data
  • Email De-Duplication tool
  • Inbuilt Shutterstock integration with free images.
  • Free online chat.
  • Inbuilt Canva integration
  • Extensive Email client testing before you send the email
  • Free SSL
  • Buil in hosting
  • A Secure connection to Stripe with a buy now button
  • Theme marketplace
  • Email template marketplace
  • Integrations library
  • Connection by Zapier to link your other platforms.
  • Google Chrome plugin for social posting.

The list is long. 

What is the human cost that comes from a loss of productivity of your existing Frankensoftware stack? 

The productivity increases the more you use the HubSpot tools.

As your business grows and your time to deploy marketing improves. The need to employ more people reduces. 

Profit results. 

It's cheap. The most potent HubSpot license configuration is still below that of a marketing intern's 1st-year salary. 

Importantly you can unlock the time and creative power of all of your experienced team members. Removing the impediments of a disjointed software stack means you get your content to market faster and easier. 

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