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Would you like a free performance audit to fire up your HubSpot portal?

HubSpot customers, welcome to The Kingdom. We would like to offer you a second set of expert eyes to see if you are getting the most from your HubSpot investment. 

We provide you with a free audit. The Kingdom Chief Executive Officer, Adam Steinhardt will go through your HubSpot portal to help you understand how you can improve your HubSpot investment.

With 25 years of sales and marketing experience, Adam will carry out a SWOT on your portal.


The Kingdom's Free HubSpot Audit includes

  • Auditing the current success of your social media
  • How well you are using customer lists
  • Are you making the most of the free CRM
  • Bonus workflows to consider
  • How to use blog and email to gain more customers
  • How well your HubSpot templates are setup to best practices
  • A recommendation on Integrations
  • The setup of your keywords
  • An in depth audit of your sources
  • Recommendations on your blogging
  • Advice on how to use the email tool better
  • Encouragement on the best way to use personas

Along the way, we will give you some great tips and tricks, plus innovative strategy recommendations to get the most from your HubSpot investment.

The Kingdom is a Platinum Certified HubSpot Partner, and the HubSpot International Partner of the Year, 2015.

We are HubSpot specialists; it's all we do. We have gone through hundreds of hours of hard work learning the HubSpot platform inside and out. Let this experience give you a competitive advantage.


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Our national head office is based in Adelaide. We happily service Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth Inbound Marketing clients, as well as clients from all over the world.

We are accredited Shopify, Brightinfo, Perfect Audience, Seventh Sense and Wistia Partners.